Digital Marketing

We provide tailor made digital marketing solutions to strengthen your web identity.

Organic SEO

This is one of the cost saving and an effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) approach to come up in a higher position in Search Engines. Our team at Wiztech can come up with a custom SEO plan to tweak your website the way Google expects. This includes the necessary back links, content links, keyword intensity, mobile friendly protocols and a good speed optimisation on your website.

Analytics & Tracking

Wiztech provides tailor made analytics & tracking integration on your website as the standard marketing strategies may not be the right choice for everyone. Our expert team ensure that tracking is integrated in all your digital marketing platforms. It is essential for your business to understand the users interaction, users interest, page views, website traffic and conversion rates.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best tool to get instant response from your customers. Wiztech builds a powerful email marketing strategy that matches your business and the volume of your customers data. We can design your email campaigns and our marketing team can advise you to manage your customers data with the necessary segmentation required for targeted marketing based on interest, location or any other factor.

If you are thinking to refresh your current website to give it a new look, then have a look at our Web Development service that we offer. We can also look after your website, take a look at out Web Maintenance service.