Web Development

What is a website means to your business? We'll work with you to find out that.

Our Approach


Wiztech gets introduced to your business by arranging a meeting by phone or chat as per your convenience. This discussion is more for us to understand your business, your customers, your competitors and your vision and goals you want to achieve through your website.

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Research & Analysis

This process has a significant contribution to the rest of the processes involved in the web development. Wiztech takes the ownership of researching and analysing the online market in relation to your business. The inputs gathered from this process are the benchmarks for building the site that works around your customers’ expectations.

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The team at Wiztech uses the information gathered so far and come up with a definitive structure for your website, the Sitemap. Once the sitemap is agreed, our expert team starts designing a mock up for the homepage to showcase to you how the branding elements look in the completed website.Wiztech goes that extra mile to go back and forth doing as many changes as you like at this design stage until you are satisfied.

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Our developers follow the signed off design as the guideline and proceed with the full site development. During the development, we make sure every component is built in a robust way for any necessary future enhancements.Wiztech also ensures that the completed site comes with the essential SEO framework. This is vital for your rankings in the search engine results.

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We just don’t leave you once the site is built. Wiztech makes sure that an easy training is offered to you in order to update the site content yourselves without any technical expertise.

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Considering the good health of the website on a long run, you can have a look at our Website Maintenance service that gives you a great peace of mind! We also offer Digital Marketing solutions to strengthen your web identity.