Web Maintenance

We can look after your website for you, to run your business smoothly.

Regular Maintenance

Sites should be regularly maintained to run your business smoothly round the clock.

Technical Updates

Technical elements (scripts, plugins, CMS) in the sites should be regularly updated otherwise it's vulnerable to hackers.

Site Updates

Content in your website needs be refreshed regularly to get higher search engine rankings and also to bring your visitors back.

Our Maintenance

Wiztech offers these vital elements for our clients as part of our Web Maintenance Service.

Security & Technical Updates

This element includes applying the necessary security patches and updating WordPress CMS, themes and the plugins in your website. Our team at Wiztech also carries out regular audits to check if every technical element on your website is running on their latest versions.

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Regular Backups

This element gives you a great peace of mind to have a safe off site backup of your website on a regular basis. Wiztech recommends our clients to consider this element as it is one of the necessary contingency plans needed for your online business.

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Content Updates

This is also one of the key elements of Maintenance, the content updates on your website. Unless the content is regularly refreshed, it is not possible to retain your visitors and eventually to turn them as customers. Wiztech can help you to regularly update the content if you are on a tight schedule managing the other elements of your business.

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Site Reports

Regular site reports act as the key deciding factors for the digital marketing strategies. As part of our maintenance service, Wiztech offers readable reports to learn more about users interaction and interest on your website.

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If you are thinking to refresh your current website to give it a new look, then have a look at our Web Development service that we offer. We also offer Digital Marketing solutions to strengthen your web identity.